The Who, The Why, The What It’s About


I love collecting and wearing hats.  I enjoy the various styles, expression and feel that they provide.  Whether supporting your favorite team, needing some shade from the sun or just want a different appearance; a good looking hat can make an impact.  I wear all types of hats; fitted, snap-back, beanies, bucket, visors, cowboy, sombrero and more (my wife actually wears the sombrero).  If it looks good and/or serves a functional purpose I wear it.

My hat obsession created a couple issues for me: 

  1. Where do I put all these hats? I had hats in the garage, on my dresser, by the front door, in the kitchen… hats everywhere.
  1. Where did I put that hat at? I want to wear it!  Constantly asking my wife if she’s seen my Camo Buc’s hat, she politely asks me to be more organized.

I investigated various products to help with my hatastrophic chaos.  I researched the best way to hold and organize my hats and found that an over-the-door rack to be the most practical and effective.  It would be easy to access, out of my way and all my hats located in one place.  The next problem I ran into was that current products on the market were lacking in what I needed.  None of them would fit eight foot tall doors, they could not hold all sizes and styles and they were not secured and tight fitting to the door when opening and closing.  So I used my engineering background (cough), corrected the deficiencies of current products and from that, The Clip Hanger was invented!

The Clip Hanger is a single, over-the-door hat rack organizer that can hold up to 20 hats securely,  without damaging any material and can be adjusted to fit most door heights and widths.  I also designed it with clips that are sturdy and safe for all types of materials.  It also easily displays all your lids so you know what you have on the bench.  Now when I want a hat, I go straight to The Clip Hanger, unclip my hat and I’m off.  So, if you find yourself storing your hats on wall mounted hooks, in closets, on shelves and forget about where you put that hat, The Clip Hanger is your solution.

.  A uniquely INNOVATIVE hat rack, it makes NO DISCRIMINATION when it comes to hat organization! Come on this journey with me and fellow Hat-Headz as we change the way we treat our hats.  Always on Top....I'm out.... Dud